I lost my heart to the ocean
and with it a piece of my soul.

Oceanlover. Traveller. Photographer.


finest handmade jewelry inspired by the beauty of the ocean.


As long as I can remember I have always loved the ocean, when I saw the waves hit the beautiful beaches of Australia for the very first time a few years ago, I knew I had finally found my happy place.

When I was a child my mum had a small blue nivea metal box full of little treasures she had picked carefully at the beach when on holiday at the adriatic sea with my dad for the very first time. I absolutely loved to play with all those amazing bits and pieces and was curious, if you were really able to hear the sound of the ocean when holding a seashell to your ear and listening carefully.

Every summer my family and I did go on one long roadtrip to the adriatic sea. We normally spent a few weeks at the seaside where I always ended up collecting all kinds of seashells and rocks at the beach, taking them home with me in a small box. When I got older, I didn't only collect seashells and rocks anymore, I became absolutely fascinated by the millions of different kinds and colors of sand at every single beach. No matter where, I brought a little bit of sand home from everywhere I've been to. Over many years and after a lot of amazing trips to so many beautiful places all around the globe, I own a collection of around 100 tiny glassbottles filled with sand. I love every single bottle, but my favourite one is the one from Hahei on the North Island of New Zealand. A stunning mix of beige, different shades of pink and tiny little glittering pieces I have never seen somewhere else before.

For me, it just feels right when there is the smell of salt in the air and the feeling of sand underneath my bare feet. I love to spend hours upon hours on a beautiful beach anywhere around the globe, breathing in the fresh air, watching the waves roll in as I collect all the wonderful bits and pieces I end up making into my little treasures when I'm back home.

All of my handmade gems remind me of the beach no matter where I am. Whether it’s on the top of a snowy mountain in the alps or somewhere in a big city far away from the sea. It’s like having your own little ocean by your side at all times.

I love to work with high quality materials such as sterling silver, silk, semi-precious gemstones, bone and natural shells that I select by hand to create a beautiful long-lasting and precious treasure – your pinch of salt.